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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Free Pass to Movie Preview of "The Enemy God" Sat. 3PM

This Saturday, May 10th, the feature length film, The Enemy God will be shown at 3-5 PM, at Elmbrook Church.

Yanomamo Yanomami woman eyes

The film is a true story of how a former Yanomamo Indian shaman (witchdoctor) from the Amazon basin is told by outsiders that there is a great creator spirit who loves him. Interestingly, the witchdoctor already knows about this great creator spirit because of the many spirits that indwell him. Problem is, his spirits tell him that this great creator spirit is his enemy. His dilemma is to decide who is telling him the truth: his indwelling spirits (demons) or the missionaries who assure him that the great creator spirit (God) is good. "Are the spirits which indwell him lying--could it be that the great creator spirit is NOT his enemy as he had always been taught by the older shamans of his tribe?"

This is a question each one of us must answer. Is God our friend or enemy?

My cousin Matt, a producer for 10X Productions, has been working on this movie for over 5 years. It is a full length film that was recently chosen as an official
selection of the Breckenridge Festival of Film in Colorado. It was also
awarded, "Best International Film" and "Best Supernatural Film" by
Brilliant Light International Film Festival of Los Angeles.

Many people believe that tribal people live happy lives apart from any knowledge of God. This movie challenges that concept. Watch a trailer from the movie here. (Matt and other people connected with the film are interviewed.) You will hear from the Yanomamo people, in their own words, how they were not happy apart from God. This movie was made at the request of the Yanomamo people to set the record straight.

Although the movie is not yet rated, it probably would be considered PG-13--not recommended for children 13 and under.

Admission is free on a first come, first served basis. Hope to see you there.

Elmbrook Church is located on 777 South Barker Road, Brookfield. Movie will be shown in the Amphitheater.

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