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Monday, March 29, 2010

Glen Allgaier for Elmbrook Area II School Board

Glen Allgaier is one of the hardest working members on Elmbrook’s Board of Education. However, willingness to put in long hours researching the issues and attending board and committee level meetings alone is not enough to earn my support. After all, a board member could be working hard to promote an expensive, unproven program. No, Glen Allgaier is more than just a hard worker. He is also a deep thinker and a long-range planner.

Over the years I have grown to appreciate this man and his service on the board. Perhaps it is his business and engineering background that naturally lead Glen to analyze the issues. He digs in, researches, and asks tough questions. He is not content to just assume a new program will have an educational benefit to the student or a cost benefit to the district. He wants to know the true short-term and long-term impact of each decision the board makes. Asking what is the cost vs. expected benefit is part of Glen’s decision making process. He sees the whole picture.

With the downturn in the economy and decline in school enrollments, spending wisely becomes an even more important issue for our school board. I appreciate that Glen not only wants what is best for Elmbrook’s students, but that he also feels the need to minimize the impact on the taxpayers—the ones footing the bill. He understands he represents the whole community.

Glen strikes me as being a man of integrity. He is not heavy handed. Because he has so thoroughly researched the issues, Glen presents his views with a quiet confidence.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Glen is that he enjoys serving on the board. I hope you will join me in casting an enthusiastic vote of support for Glen Allgaier.

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