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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ron Johnson, Feingold virtually tied in poll: November can't come fast enough!

This week, the Rasmussen poll showed Conservative businessman and Republican endorsed Ron Johnson (45%) "in a virtual dead heat" with incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold (46%) in the U.S. Senate race. Last month Johnson polled at 44%.

This is very good news for Conservatives and Republicans because Feingold has not been able to poll above 50%. And as Rasmussen noted, "Incumbents who earn less than 50% of the vote at this stage of a campaign are considered potentially vulnerable. Feingold was reelected to a third term in 2004 with 56% of the vote."

Unfortunately, our Congress is working fast and furiously at passing bad bill after bad bill, and our President is using his Executive powers to regulate and shift our country drastically to the left in the remaining Congressional session.

One thing is for sure, neither branch of government has gotten the message that we are out of money--the spending must stop. As with bills such as ObamaCare and the President's $20 billion extraction from BP, Constitutionality is of little importance.

Here is just a sampling of bills and decisions on the horizon:
Let's not forget Elena Kagan's confirmation. I am sure the President would like to see her on the court--especially with coming challenges to 1st Amendment restrictions via DISCLOSE, the FTC, FCC, takeover of the Internet, and ObamaCare. The list goes on and on.

So you see, even though Republicans will probably make huge gains in November, it may be too late. Democrats will inflict as many costly bills on us, in terms of dollars and loss of liberty, in the months they have until the 112th Congress and Senate is sworn in. I only hope and pray we can reverse some of this damage. We will need Senators like Ron Johnson to repeal the bad and put us back on the right course.

I know it is summer, but this is no time for kicking back... CALL your Senators about some of these bills! Find your Senator here. In Wisconsin, Senator Russ Feingold (202) 224-5323 and Herb Kohl (202) 224-5653.

More reading: Thomas Sowell: Is U.S. Now on Slippery Slope to Tyranny?
Senator Jim DeMint, National Review: Constitution of No
Must read: Politics of Panic: "The progressive wing of the Party... knows that they will lose considerable power in Congress in November...The bills currently being pushed by the progressive leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are a panicked, fourth-quarter attempt to force liberal, arguably socialist policies into place and have them become law before they are cast out of power. They don't have time to spare for surgical, precise laws that will benefit the nation. They only have time to create bloated monstrosities that serve to force radical and reckless 'change.'"

Ron Johnson for Senate website & Ron Johnson Facebook

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