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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How is Barrett "knee deep" in sewer water yet squeaky clean? JournoList?

FEMA came to town yesterday; they will be assessing the flood damage over the next few days. Residents in Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Milwaukee**, and other flooded areas, are still cleaning up (some for the 2nd and 3rd time) and hoping to get some help.

Tom Barrett campaigned for mayor "with a pledge to clean up MMSD*" in 2004. (Scroll down to 3rd entry: "Rains Bring Flood of Troubles for MMSD".) Since then, the sewers have been backing up, flooding, and sewage dumps into Lake Michigan have become more commonplace than ever, as in 2 Billion Gallons of Sewage!

I have heard horror stories of acquaintances living there. What a nightmare. A thought came to me: Since Tom Barrett is ultimately at the helm of the failed MMSD and these people from the more liberal area of the Metro Milwaukee area are justifiably fed up by the flooding and dumping, would their ire carryover to the voting booth in November?

But there doesn't seem to be any tie in to Barrett. Where is the criticism of the Mayor in the news media?

They were quick to jump on County Exec. Scott Walker for going on the campaign trail last Saturday instead of visiting the flooded as Mayor Barrett and Gov. Doyle did. No matter that Walker already visited the flooded areas and signed the documents declaring Milw. County a disaster area the day before on Friday. The Journal Sentinel article didn't mention that bit until midway down the page. No mention of Tom Barrett's pledge to clean up MMSD in his 2004 election in that article.

Why isn't Barrett held more accountable in the local news? He is in effect knee deep in the sewer water problem yet remains squeaky clean in the media and people's perception.

Nationally, Conservatives and Republicans ask this same question. They knew the news stories were skewed favorable toward Obama during the election while McCain and Palin were skewered. Nothing negative would stick to Obama, not Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, his radical positions...nothing. It seemed the media was and still is in cahoots: No negative stories on Democrats--eviscerate Republicans.

Then we found out our suspicions were confirmed with the now exposed "JournoList" group. (My emphasis) Outed journalist "Dave Weigel is a portal into the dark world of hardcore liberal bias in the media. This opening gives us a deeper insight into the insidious relationship between liberal think thanks, academics and their mouthpieces in the media." These people "form the narrative used by the press to thwart conservative messages. Like a ventriloquist’s dummy, the reporters on the listserv mimicked the talking points invented and agreed upon by the intellectuals...

Barrett blamed mayoral opponent Marvin Pratt for the "overflows and inadequate sewer system" back in 2004. But we don't hear much about the mayor's responsibility regarding the MMSD from mainstream media now that the hip boot is on the other foot.

Could it be that Milwaukee's media has some sort of JournoList pact too?

*I wouldn't have remembered this because I didn't live in Milwaukee, but talk show host Mark Belling certainly does! He is one of the few media people discussing Barrett's MMSD tie in. Bloggers such as Freedom Eden have made a good case: 2 Billion Gallons of Sewage, Flood: Journal Sentinel Spins for Barrett, Slams Walker.

**The combined sewer in these areas of Milw. County are largely responsible for the dumps and sewer laden flood waters.

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