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Monday, February 07, 2011

Yippee! Packers overcome obstacles to win Super Bowl!

Who would have thought that the team that lost earlier this season to Detroit and only got in the playoffs via the wild card, would go on to win the Super Bowl? What a year it has been for our Packers. And then the Super Bowl game itself had a few obstacles. Greg Jennings sums up the game nicely.

Though I am not the football fan of the family (that distinction belongs to my sister), I am always happy when the Packers win. I find Aaron Rogers awe shucks modesty a very refreshing contrast to the former Brett Farve drama. And Rogers even managed to out-Farve Farve by winning the Super Bowl and MVP award. Way to go Packers.

In listening to the Packer player interviews post game, they mentioned team work over and over. They showed appreciation for their fellow players and a certain amount of humility. Greg Jennings later explained that when you are humble, God gives you favor...He gave our team favor.

So Packer fans, though the temperature might be dropping today, there is a warm glow over our state today. I think it will last a while. Pretty amazing.

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