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Friday, July 22, 2011

Wow! Wisconsin gained 9,500 jobs in June, while Nation gained only 18,000

Correction: Blog title has been changed from Wow! Wisconsin accounted for 1/2 of new private sector jobs in nation, as this was an inadvertent misinterpretation of the statistics. Wisconsin did see 12,900 new private sector jobs in June, for a net gain of 9,500 new jobs after losses are subtracted. Other states also experienced large job gains. These gains however were offset by other states huge losses. Correction also noted on closing statement.

Things are looking up in our state. Wisconsin added about 12,900 new private-sector jobs, according to the State of Wisconsin Workforce Development report for June. The report's subtitle stated, "Gain of 12,900 private-sector jobs is largest one-month gain since September 2003."

The Journal Sentinel couldn't resist throwing a wet blanket on those numbers by pointing out "nearly half of Wisconsin's new private-sector jobs were in the tourism, hospitality and food services category." True, many of these jobs do not pay all that well, as a local banker mentioned in the article, but a job is a job. For those who have been unemployed or for college students trying to save up for next semester, getting a paycheck is still a good thing.

Plus, if these are tourism related jobs, that also means that retailers, gas stations, hotel owners, food store owners, etc. will be positively affected by an increase in sales, and the state benefits from an increase in sales tax revenue.

I also noticed that earlier this month, in a Washington Times article Unemployment at 9.2 percent as jobs stall, the trend was the same: "Most of the 57,000 jobs created by the private sector last month were in leisure and hospitality businesses, which registered a gain of 34,000." (After the job losses are subtracted from the gainers, the national total for jobs gained was 18,000 in June--even worse than May's dismal 25,000 positive jobs number.) I don't recall the President or the mainstream media mentioning that these were only hospitality/leisure jobs when these abysmal numbers were reported.

Seeing that the majority of these new jobs were in a business sector that relies on people having enough disposable income to spend on hotels, restaurants, transportation--tourism--does it make any sense for the Democrats and President Obama to look at taxing the rich even more? It is pretty obvious that our nation's economy is barely growing at all. Why squelch the one area that is gaining jobs?

Anyway, I am glad Wisconsin is seeing job numbers like this: 9,500 net gain out of compared to the national total of 18,000 created gained. It is nice to see a little good news. Hope the trend continues.

P.S. Speaking of another wet blanket, did you catch Steve Wynn's quote about the President and his administration in Wynn CEO Goes On Epic Anti-Obama Rant On Company Conference Call? "And I'm saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime." The piece is a sobering read.

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