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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Clever, unique, homemade pro Romney campaign signs

In 2008, I would see some homemade pro-Obama signs and sentiments, such as a painted car window in WCTC's parking lot I blogged about in Barack O-Phenomena. This election cycle, I am not seeing this kind of homegrown enthusiasm for the president.

But I am seeing plenty of individually crafted pro Romney campaign statements on cars, front lawns, and even at Disney World!  One very brave Milwaukee Romney supporter sported this statement on her jeep's rear window:
I give her credit. I'm not brave enough to risk the vandalism to my car or personal retaliation.

One conservative, who lives on Pilgrim Road, had crafted a wooden structure to wear a white T-shirt that said something negative about Obama (being an empty suit perhaps?) After cruising past it numerous times, I made a point of stopping to snap a picture one day. Wouldn't you know, it was gone!

The homeowner then put up this sign, "My "OBAMA" was stolen. Don't let these thugs steal the White House, Vote November 6"

In mid September, I was at the Magic Kingdom and spotted this motorized scooter with this homemade bumper-sticker!  We told the driver, love your sign. He was a senior citizen who was adamant about getting Obama out of office.

Then there are the more professional efforts, such as the "AMERICA OR OBAMA, YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH" billboard a Tennessee Tea Party group sponsored on I-40!

And last, but not least, I found this great image in my inbox: Mr. President, You worry about saving that bird, I'll worry about saving this one.  I don't know who sponsored it, but it does have a Vote for America graphic in the corner.

I liked it because it reminded me of something I was envisioning for the last debate about foreign policy. I had literally started sketching up a cartoon of last minute debate prep, where Romney's podium had the Great Seal, and Obama's had Big Bird with a daisy.

One last comment about voter enthusiasm. When traveling across our state in early September, I spotted numerous, large billboards with sentiments like, Romney, save America, or Vote Romney between here and La Crosse along I-94. I saw only one Obama sign near Madison. Nothing had changed when I drove to the Dells area in October, that surprised me.

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