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Thursday, February 14, 2013

'VIP' Primary Election for Justice Roggensack Feb. 19, 2013

UPDATE: Justice Pat Roggensack and Ed Fallone advance to the April 2nd election.

Spread the word: Wisconsin has a V.I.P., as in Vitally Important Primary, election coming up on Tuesday, February 19th for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. We must reelect Incumbent Pat Roggensack to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Though in many areas of the state there is only race on the ballot, this election is still of the utmost importance to our state, because Wisconsin's Supreme Court is the court of last resort in our state. Every court case appealed, every law or reform ruled "unconstitutional" by liberal lower courts come to this court for the final decision, the final word.

Roggensack recently explained her judicial philosophy is based on the Wisconsin Constitution, which sets up 3 branches of government. The Legislative branch's power resides in the Assembly and Senate, so when she interprets a statute, she strives to figure out their intent and uphold the statute (if in accordance with the Constitution), not change the statute. She doesn't play favorites; she respects the separation of powers.

Why this emphasis on experience? Because her 2 opponents have NONE. Justice Pat Roggensack is the only candidate running who has17 years of judicial experience. She is currently on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, finishing her 10 year term. Before that, she was twice elected to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, serving for 7 years, and prior to her time on the bench, she practiced law for 16 years.

Justice Roggensack is often referred to as being a brilliant jurist with tremendous experience. Even Wisconsin Vote, a service of Wisconsin Public Television / Radio said this of her: "As a 1980 honors graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, she has shown herself to be a thoughtful and scholarly justice who respects the rule of law and the separate responsibilities of the three branches of government." 

Her campaign website Roggensack For Justice notes she has "strong and broad support from both the law enforcement and judicial community in Wisconsin". She is endorsed  by 53 sheriffs across the state, Milwaukee Police Supervisors' Organization, Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters' Association and Milwaukee Police Association. As for the judicial community, "Justice Roggensack has earned the endorsement from 108 current Circuit Court judges, 11 retired Circuit Court judges, 3 current Court of Appeals judges and 3 retired Court of Appeals judges. In addition, Justice Roggensack has also been endorsed by four former Supreme Court Justices (a total of 129)."

Roggensack's opponents are both liberals. Vince Megna is dubbed "king of lemon law litigation" with a very limited scope of practice, who recently proclaimed he wouldn't serve Republicans! (Justices are to be impartial) Ed Fallone is the other man running; he is the liberal's favorite. He no longer practices law but is a Marquette Law School Professor. His former practice specialty was in academic, corporate and nonprofit law--again a narrow field.

Currently, our Supreme Court has a 4/3 split, Conservative to Liberal. And remember, Conservatives interpret the Constitution on the basis of what it actually says; Liberals view the Constitution as a living document, subject to their whim and their opinion on what they feel is right--sometimes called legislating from the bench.

Though we may be a weary from our constant election mode in Wisconsin, we cannot afford to stay home on this one. This is likely to be a contest much like the Prosser / Kloppenburg race two years ago. So if you value the separation of powers and don't want the court to elbow their way into the legislature's authority, go out and vote Pat Roggensack.

This is a non-partisan election so all voters choose one of the three candidates running, and the top two vote recipients advance to the April 2, 2013 ballot.
Justice Roggensack's hour long interview with Jim Schneider

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Justice Roggensack Receives Endorsement From Over 100 Judges In The Wisconsin Court System 

For Brookfield residents, Supreme Court Justice is the only race on our ballot. 
In Milwaukee County, Justice Rebecca Bradley is running for Milwaukee County Circuit Court  against 2 liberal attorneys. Bradley was appointed last year by Gov. Walker and has the support of 22 Judges, Milwaukee Professional Firefighters, Police Association, and others. She would be the candidate who respects the rule of law and is the Conservative's choice. She states, "The role of a judge is to interpret the law – not invent it." Do not confuse Justice Rebecca Bradley with Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. They are as different as night from day.

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