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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Endorsement Letter - Support Kratoska as Elmbrook write-in

The following is an endorsement for Jim Kratoska,  which appeared in the Waukesha Freeman E-Edition*

To the editor:
"Jim Kratoska has registered as a write-in candidate for the Elmbrook School Board at-large seat. [He is running against Kathryn Wilson, who is unopposed on ballot] Our concerns about Common Core have fallen on deaf ears.  People choose Elmbrook Schools for their excellence. Why would we settle for commonality?

"Jim is a 40-year resident of Brookfield whose two children were educated in the Elmbrook system.  His business experience includes project management, team building, financial management and six-sigma process improvement, which will all add to the success of the Elmbrook School District.  His degrees include bachelor's degrees in applied mathematics and physics, and master's degrees in business administration and philosophy.

"Common Core, which has been silently integrated into schools across the nation is finally coming under scrutiny: When fully implemented, local school boards will have no oversight in curriculum.  The Common Core standards are copyrighted.  Our kids will be monitored and tracked from childhood into the workforce.  Jim will be your eyes and ears on the school board, working to combat Common Core locally and statewide.

"Jim Kratoska has the experience and background to maintain excellence in Elmbrook.  The "one size fits all" standard of Common Core doesn't suit the individuality of our students.  Jim joins the two school bard challengers who are oppose to Common Core.  On the ballot, write in Jim Kratoska. Complete the Arrow on April. 1."
Laurel Mellone
Robin Moore
Sharon Bloom 
Kathy Grassee
Carole Kratoska
Gerri Krysiak

Jim Kratoska's website

*This letter was sent to me by Laurel Mellone, one of the signers.

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