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Friday, February 03, 2006

Mayoral candidate finance report reveals more than just $s received

July - December 2005 campaign finance reports were filed on Tuesday. According to MJS_ARTICLE Mayoral candidates post spending, Cindy Kilkenny not only took in more money during the 2nd half of 2005, but she had 10 times the contributors too. Kilkenny took in $1,600 from 60 contributors, Speaker $1,440 from 6 contributors, and Schellinger--who announced his candidacy in Dec. received $25 from 1 contributor (who also gave $25 to the other 2 candidates too.)

Who are these contributors? Of Speaker's 6 donors, 4 were developers or real estate agents. Kilkenny's 60 donors consisted of 2 developers (their contributions have been returned), leaving 58 other supporters, one of which was Kilkenny's mom. Kilkenny has pledged to not accept developer money during or after the campaign.

Of course Speaker is sitting on a sizable war chest, his total was over $14,000 at the end of 2005. Much of this was built during his 4 years in office. CBL, the Tennessee based Brookfield Square owner, has made numerous contributions to Speaker. The latest $250 came from Lauren, the 4th Tennesseean Lebovitz to give to Speaker, she "is listed as a housewife."

Kilkenny has spent most of her money on signs, website, mailings, etc. Speaker has no website and by 2005's end had only spent around $30 on copying.

I have not seen any information on Speaker's and Schellinger's platforms yet, but watching their campaign finance reports and their willingness to appear before the public tells the voters much too. Just look at who is contributing to a campaign and which candidate is getting their message out. Look at who is willing to appear before the voters of Brookfield in a public setting, not just at neighborhood coffees which require an invitation. Vive la difference!


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