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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fire/EMS dispatch: hear it for yourself (Updated)

A reader sent me the link to the fire dispatch audio for Waukesha County . You can click to listen and hear real-time fire dispatching audio for our county. I imagine if you listen at rush hour the call frequency increases.

There is also a video feed of the week you might find interesting.

Update: Another reader contacted me with the following details:
The following numbers let you know who the call is from.
2100's are from the City of Brookfield
2200's are from the Town of Brookfield
2400's come from Elm Grove
Example: If the number given was 2153, it would mean the call was from a City of Brookfield ambulance coming from station #3. A 2163 would indicate an engine/primary response units, again from the City of Brookfield's station #3. Sure enough, when I clicked to listen again, I heard a call number of 2163 and now knew what that meant.


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