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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Immigration Bill and the “R” word

I would call this Immigration Bill the bad Senate bill that just won’t die! Like the mythical Phoenix, just when you thought it was dead and gone, it emerged out of the ashes again.

The vast majority of Americans oppose this bill. They have voiced their opinions to their Senators, but their sentiments, against making 20 – 40 million illegals legal, have been chalked up by some to being racist.

But that is not the “R” word I am referring to. My “R” stands for RETIREMENT.

In our household, the “R” word is starting to frequent our conversation and thinking. Most 50-somethings start thinking ahead (and hopefully planning ahead) to that exciting and uncharted ground of retirement. My husband and I are no different.

If you look over Your Social Security Statement, provided every year by the Social Security Administration, it always ends with a cautionary statement.

The disclaimer roughly says:
there are 36 million Americans age 65 or older...unless something is done soon, in 12 years we will begin paying more in benefits than collected in taxes...without changes, by 2041 funds will be then those over age 65 will will then pay about 74 cents on the dollar (about a 25% reduction).

“We will need to resolve these issues soon to make sure Social Security continues to provide a foundation of protection for future generations...”

So now our Senate is working hard to increase the burden on an already stressed program? What do you think adding 20 million more non-contributors (plus their family members) will do to the solvency of Social Security?

We saw how willing our Congress was to start any unpleasant dialog about reforming Social Security. When the President tried to introduce the idea of voluntary privatizing of a tiny % of Soc. Sec. contributions, no one really wanted to address it. I don’t hold out much hope of any real reform until the fund is nearly bankrupt.

There are 100s of reasons to oppose the present Immigration Bill. If we cannot manage monitoring the return to their home country of those persons on a legal visa now, how are we going to monitor an additional 20 – 40 million? Can you imagine the additional bureaucracy required to attend to all of this? How is it that someone starts their legal status in our country by first violating our laws? Etc., etc. etc.

This legislation reminds me of someone who has severed an artery, but the Doctor is so concerned with the patient’s cholesterol level, weight, skin condition, etc. that the patient dies in the mean time. In triage, the life threatening problem is controlled first; then the other needs of the patient are dealt with.

We need to secure the border first, then work out what to do with those illegally here.

The impact of adding these illegals to Social Security and Medicare is real and will have a devastating affect on all who are receiving or hoping to receive any Soc.Sec. benefits.

Call or email your Senators. They are in favor of this bill They need to hear from you again.


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