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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Last minute dirty tricks by a school board member?

These signs are popping up all over town today. They say they are Paid for and Authorized by Elmbrook Cares. Steve Schwei is listed with a phone number. That does not seem to be an appropriate disclaimer. It also is advocating for a yes vote. I have also seen new redvote yes signs, now sometimes 3 to a property (this time bagged in plastic).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The public education system is socialistic. Economic producers pay regardless of benefit. People with children in the system benefit disproportionately and so are inclined to vote for more benefits. People without children in the system pay disproportionately and so are inclined to vote against paying more. People who favor private education also pay disproportionately. With the increase in private education and the ageing of Brookfield, more people pay disproportionately. Here’s the message: 1) Do not lie to the voters. This is not a negotiation and we are not stupid. 2) Be objective about your own bias. Ask for what the students need, not for what you want. 3) Be objective about the bias of others. Socialism is still anathema in America. 4) Be objective about your competition. Private education is here. 5) Be objective about public education. It is not sacrosanct.

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