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Monday, March 26, 2007

Signs of the times: What's wrong with this picture?

OK, What's wrong with these pictures?

There are too many signs per address!

The top photo is of Eddie Z's on Capitol and the second and third pics are of a residence on Fieldstone and Pilgrim, across from Wirth Park. That home had 8 or 9 Vote yes signs at that one address. (They are only allowed 2.)

During last April's mayoral election, Brookfield's sign ordinance was pretty strictly enforced as to size. It will be interesting to see if the City and police enforce the rules for excess sign number and posting on public land for this referendum.

Driving down North Ave. yesterday, I also saw homes across from Wirth Park that had multiple vote yes signs posted on public land between the sidewalk and roadway. That is not allowed either.

So far I have not seen any VoteNoApril3 group signs improperly placed. The ordinance is: 1 per address for each issue or candidate. If the home or business is on a corner, then they may have 2 signs--1 per street face. The sign must be on private property--not public right of way.

If you have any questions or comments about the signs, you may call the police dept. non-emergency number at 787-3700 or City Hall at 782-9650. One reader told me that in past years the police would remove signs from right of ways.

This corner house had 8 or 9 vote yes signs. They should only have 2.


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