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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Guest Post: Brookfield Elm Grove League of Concerned Citizens News

B.L.O.C.C. has not been involved in City of Brookfield issues for a few years; but, once again, Supt. Gibson and his School Board have made a decision which will impact our taxes for at least 2o years.

The Facility Facts Sheets prepared by the Administration do not support the "wish list" presented to the electorate. The "guess-to-mate" of $110 million for two re-modeled high schools and two new field houses is just that -- a guess! No firm bids were taken to determine the cost of construction and remodeling of these two schools; but we are supposed to write them a blank check and trust they will do the right thing. I DON'T THINK SO! We had an example of trust and a blank check with the Supt. Gibson / Swanson School (swap) fiasco a few years ago.

Fact sheet #8 shows a total of $9,329,321.00 in expenditures. However, these expenses are for 10 years for 13 buildings (their own words--first line of the page). If regular yearly preventative maintenance costs were included in the district's yearly budget and closely monitored, we wouldn't be remodeling sound buildings.
There are two referendum questions on the ballot--one for the actual re-modeling of the high schools and one for two new field houses. We are already taxed--and can expect increases--for State taxes, City property taxes, K-12 property taxes, Technical college property taxes, County sales taxes, municipal fee charges, and any other fees or charges our elected officials can think up.

If you can afford an additional tax for these two school referendums--then vote "yes" on April 3rd. If you can't afford anymore tax burden--then vote "no" on April 3rd--but--please exercise your right to vote. You cannot leave it to the "other guy".

Brookfield/Elm Grove League of Concerned citizens
Leonard H Schaefer
(Emphasis added)

Leonard was very involved in the planning and promotion of the successful 1996 Swanson and Wisconsin Hills $8,900,000 referendum.

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