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Monday, March 12, 2007

Guest Posting: Those in power possess a different vision

Sadly, we are finding out that residents are accepting bad-deals as a price of living in Brookfield. A couple of friends worked hard to prevent passage of the 4-K program, are now resigned to the fact that those in power have a different vision for Brookfield (and the Elmbrook School District) and believe that their system will prevail no matter what.

Another citizen noted the April 3rd timing of the Fire Station vote by the Brookfield Common Council -- how city officials manipulate the calendar to get what they want, rather than encouraging taxpayer input.

The new fire-station-proposal will only hurt the families that have lived here the longest, and only benefit the new development. This only proves once again ethical government comes second to greed and manipulation.

While there are still some who will rise to the challenge of stop-us-if-you-can, there seem to be too many others who are succumbing to the taxpayer-financed-media-blitzes that (claim) throwing lots of money at problems will create better student performance or fire protection or whatever.

Being accountable to an ethics code seems secondary to getting-things-done; too bad someone doesn't publish the wording of the contracts that our city officials are supposed to be following -- or the wording of the ethics code to highlight conflicts-of-interest to constituents.

Existing city leadership is obviously emphasizing efforts to make Brookfield more ‘urban’, rather than preserving the high residential-quality-of-life-rating our city used to have. Isn't it sad that those long-time-residents who worked to make that #1 ranking possible are now being taxed out of their homes? Or, that their apathy is making them move before they wanted to sell their family homes -- just like the developers had hoped they would?

When one invests their personal & financial resources to live here and pays assessed tax bills, they hopefully merit a voice with their elected & appointed officials. Recent events now have families feeling they only have limited options: to either 'pay-more' or 'move-on'.

Godspeed to us all ... Marcy & David Schmidt
(Empahsis added)

Marcy and David Schmidt have both served our country in the military and cherish the freedom to vote. They continue to hold service to the community as a high priority. Before moving to Brookfield, David served on the Franklin Finance Committee and was the president of FACT, the Franklin Association of Concerned Taxpayers.

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Blogger intewedm said...

The key is getting the voters out. I believe those in favor of this over-spending plan are in the minority. It's the elitists and newbies who think nothing of spending someone else's money on themselves and their kids.

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