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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brookfield / Elm Grove Now newspaper letters to the editor due soon

Just a reminder that all letters to the editor relating to the $108.8 million high school referendum for the Brookfield / Elm Grove Now weekly paper are due by Tuesday, March 13. Letters to the paper (the former Brookfield News and Elm Grove Leaves) should be no longer than 400 words and must include your name. Your address, and phone number must also be included in the email submission for verification purposes only. Since the paper has changed editors, I believe you now send them to Sue Nord. . The referendum is on the April 3 ballot.

For Brookfield residents, please note that also on April 3, the Common Council will be voting on the Fire/EMS Task Force recommendation to move 2 east side fire stations to Calhoun Road. Letters concerning this subject must be submitted to the paper by Monday, March 26. Do contact the aldermen to let them know your thoughts on this idea.

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