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Saturday, March 03, 2007

UPDATE : La ayuda hace inglés nuestra lengua oficial

UPDATE : La ayuda hace inglés nuestra lengua oficial

As noted in La hace inglés nuestra lengua oficial, (translation: Help make English our official language), I was checking if Washington state offered written drivers license tests in foreign languages.

Well, it is TRUE! I heard back from their DOL Customer Service person, “We offer the tests in every language that we offer the instruction books in.” They offer the tests in 7 languages. Wisconsin offers information in Spanish on their website and in print too.

Our country was built on the concept of the melting pot: immigrants coming here and becoming Americans. It is what made our country great. The growing trend toward multiculturalism erodes that foundation.

Did you email our Congressmen and urge them to make English our official language in the United States?


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