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Thursday, February 22, 2007

K-3? Why not K-2? K-1? or how about this?

I am sure you have seen this already, St. Dominic's is offering K-3. Their decision to start this program is just that: their decision. It is their money, their time, their facility.

A reader who was against Elmbrook's 4-K decision emailed me today to say, "I can hear it already, (the school district will say) 'We're falling behind...'." Others I have spoken with quipped that we need a K-2 or K-1 or get them on the way to the hospital! Sounds rather like Brave New World to me.

To out do all competition, should Elmbrook start a K-in utero program? There is reasearch, after all, that says reading to your baby before birth is beneficial. But then, someone could better us by starting a K-gleam-in-his-eye program!

Instead of worrying about being competitive with the pre-school set, Elmbrook should just stick to what our community thinks they do pretty well: educating school age children.


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