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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Referendum history from Bob Borch

The following history of Elmbrook referendums (in bold black) was supplied by Bob Borch.

My notes are in red and came from what I could glean from other sources.
Dec. 2006 $2,500,000 Defeasance
Extra money taken from taxpayers to invest and later pay off future debt in
2012 - 2015.
January 15, 2005 $9,780,000 Refunding Prior Debt

2005 Swanson/Wisconsin Hills debt retired

September 5, 2002 $9,695,000 Refunding Prior Debt

November 1, 2001 $3,560,000 Refunding Prior Debt

October 18, 2001 $1,153,374.50 TEACH Technology Wiring Loan
Wiring was completed at every other school it was implemented in, but NOT the high schools, because of anticipated referendum—Source, Dave Ross.

Feb. 15, July 1, 2000 $17,900,000 Two New Elementary Schools
New Dixon and Brookfield Elementary grade schools. The old Dixon and Brookfield El were razed. The district rolled $4,000,000 into these from reserves (I believe). Real cost would have been nearly $22,000,000

1997 Linfield Grade School sold to Heritage Christian School for a little over $1 million dollars. This was District 7's neighborhood school.

June 1, 1996 $8,900,000 Elementary and Middle School Remodeling, Renovating, Improving and Additions
4 failed referendums on this from 1991 to this 5th one passing for extensive remodeling to reopen and substantially add to Swanson and returning Wisconsin Hills BACK to a middle school.

1991 Lowest high school enrollments ever.

June 1, 1988 $800,000 Brookfield Elementary and Tonawanda Additions
Brookfield El. received remodeling money here in 1988, but was razed 12 years later for construction of the NEW Brookfield El.

April 1, 1978 $1,675,000 Two High Schools/Three Junior High Schools and Athletic Facilities
Added 4 classrooms to Pilgrim Park Middle School.

*Because Wisconsin Hills was really never needed as a middle school (the district should have known this since the children were already pre school age or in grade school when they built it), Elmbrook reconfigured Wisconsin Hills as a grade school. Bubblers and bathrooms had to be altered to accommodate shorter grade school children. This angered residents who felt it a waste of money to build a middle school that only served as a middle school for a short time.

During this era, the district closed Cottage Grove on Calhoun and Bluemound, closed Swanson, and closed Linfield elementary schools. These grade school children were now removed from their neighborhood schools and sent to the reconfigured Wisconsin Hills. (Children from 124th Street and west all had to go to Brookfield Rd. for grade school. This was the longest commute in the district for elementary age students.)

Cottage Grove and Linfield were eventually sold. Linfield was purchased by Heritage Christian School for approx $700,000. This is still the polling location for District 7. Source—long time district residents and Leonard Shaefer. CORRECTION: 4/9/08 Assistant Superintendent MacKay of Heritage Christian stated Linfield was purchased for just over $1million in 1997.

At some point (dates unknown) the elementary school on Lilly and Hope (administration building), Fairview North Elementary, and Burleigh Middle School were closed, and Burleigh was remodeled to become a large grade school.

October 1, 1974 $1,000,000 Brookfield Central and Brookfield East Additions (Industrial Arts)

June 1, 1970 $4,850,000 Two Elementary Schools Hillside and Tonawanda, One New Junior High School-Wisconsin Hills, and Acquiring School Sites

Wisconsin Hills was built as a Middle School, but was not really needed since there were 2 other middle schools already in the district. The district does project 5 year population studies (based on births in the district), thus the future enrollments should have been better estimated.

January 1, 1967 $4,120,000 Elementary and High School Additions, Pools, Administrative Headquarters and Acquiring School Sites

August 2, 1965 $125,000 Equipment and Capital Improvements

December 1, 1964 $4,535,000 New & Additions to Junior High Schools Burleigh and Pilgrim Park and Refunding Other Debt

1961 East High School

1955 Central High School

Other district schools—dates unknown: Linfield, Cottage Grove, Fairview North, Lieland School, Elmbrook Administration Building (former grade school), Amy Montessori School (former administration building), Shady Nook?, a small grade school on 124th and Greenfield. There are probably others I missed too.

All of these were paid for by district tax dollars.

*Actual date for reconfiguration of Wisconsin Hills to grade school and closing of elementary schools unknown. This could be further researched at district offices. It was at a time prior to our moving here in 1986 and was still fresh in the 1991 vote no group's minds.


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