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Monday, February 19, 2007

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, Feb. 20th (Updated results)

Last week I received my first and only piece of campaign literature for this Tuesday’s primary election. It was a pro Annette Ziegler piece and was sent from the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. I had heard about her before, that she currently is a Washington County Circuit Judge and is more conservative. I don’t know much about the other two candidates, except that they are both attorneys from Madison and neither are judges.

The postcard confirmed what I had heard: Ziegler has a track record of “being tough on crime” and that, “Judge Annette Ziegler has received bi-partisan praise from 46 Wisconsin Sheriffs, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the Milwaukee Police Supervisors’ Organization, and the majority of Wisconsin’s District Attorneys.”

Although this is just a small primary election, Tuesday, Feb. 20th will still be a special day for our household. It is the first time my son, who just turned 18, will be able to vote! Ever since he was born, he has accompanied me to our polling place for nearly every election—you know, Train up a child in the way he should it is his turn to participate too.

Shortly before his 18th birthday, I lamented that there was not a more exciting election for him to cast his first vote in, but such is life. This way, he can register at the polls without much of a line! Certainly the April 3rd spring election will have more at stake: The nearly $100,000 million Elmbrook School Referendum. Hopefully he will see that his vote will make a difference then.

Remember to vote on Tuesday the 20th and MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR APRIL 3rd.

Polling information
UPDATE: Statewide, Annette Ziegler received about 58% of the vote to Linda Clifford's 26% with 85% of the votes tallied. So the two women face off for this important election on April 3, 2007


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