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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Guest posting: Vote NO on school board’s agenda

We have about 47,000 residents using Elmbrook schools and about 2800 high school students, so if people will just bother to vote on the referendum it should easily be defeated. We should demand that the school board publish the amount of money they have spent on this since the last referendum went down to defeat. I have a feeling they are wasting lots of taxpayers' money trying to get their way. The whole business smacks of cronyism and mismanagement by this board.

The real problem is that we keep electing the same people to the board who will persist in doing what they want rather than what the taxpayers want. There is a saying "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got". With voters reelecting the same people over and over, how can things ever change? It's impossible to get decent people to even bother to run, due to the fact that they will be attacked and demonized. It has become the way politics is conducted...attack your opponent with unfounded claims and then deny, deny, deny that you had any part in it. We,the people, have become very complacent about what we allow elected officials to do.

The proponents of the wasteful spending plans of the school board are mostly people who will have children in the high schools in the future and most of them have the attitude "nothing is too good for my Johnny", but at the sametime they don't get involved in the real things that provide a quality education...curriculum, teacher competence, and discipline. Any olderperson will tell you that they went to a school that was not "state of the art", the teachers were competent, and you didn't dare misbehave. Guesswhat? We can all read, write, and do math much better than the average college graduate, let alone high school graduate.

I urge you to vote "NO" on the referendum and vote "YES" to new administrators on the school board as well as the mayor and common council. We need to take Brookfield back and make it what it once was...a nice bedroom community with good schools and low taxes instead of a giant commercial mess! I've seen nothing but a decline in real "quality of living" in my 33 years in Brookfield starting with Bloomberg and accelerating under Speaker. We are not being served!

Grant Thomas

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