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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rep. Rich Zipperer's Statement on Budget 'Repair' Bill

The following is State Representative Rich Zippere's report on the May 14th Budget Repair Bill:

Bill contains raid on Transportation Fund, steals REAL ID money, and Increases Taxes and Spending.

Madison—The state Assembly approved legislation today that is intended to fix a $652 budget shortfall. The state is facing a budget deficit because the budget signed into law last year is spending money faster than tax revenues are coming into the state. Rep. Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) made the following statement after voting against today’s so-called budget repair bill:

“The bill approved today is an attempt to hide the truth of our state budget from the taxpayers of Wisconsin, and only makes a bad situation worse. We are facing the current $652 million shortfall because of irresponsible budgeting in the past, and continuing that trend will only inflate the problem in the future.

The solution to the current mess is simple. Control spending. Instead, the bill passed today raids from the Transportation Fund even while consumers are facing $4 per gallon gasoline, uses accounting gimmick on top of accounting gimmick, contains a new tax on businesses, actually manages to increase spending by millions of dollars, and only pushes the problem off to the next fiscal year.

With the state facing a $1.7 billion structural deficit, we can ill afford to knowingly make the problem worse. Further, this bill contains no veto guarantees from Governor Doyle, meaning that, despite the clear will of the voters this past April that the Governor should not rewrite budget documents with his veto pen, he will likely use vetoes to increase the Transportation Fund raid and increase spending.

Also especially troubling to me is the irresponsible and dangerous raid of REAL ID money. By failing to use this user fee money for implementing REAL ID, we are turning our backs on safety measures called for by the 9/11 Commission, approved by Congress, and approved by the state Legislature in past sessions. For our safety and security, we need to move forward with REAL ID now, and not back away from our promise to Wisconsin drivers.”

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