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Monday, March 16, 2009

"Teach the Controversy, Creation & Evolution" Tuesday, March 24, 7:30pm

The Creation Science Society of Milwaukee is featuring a presentation by Dr. Gary Locklair, Ph.D. of Concordia University, Wisconsin on Tuesday night from 7:30 - 9:00pm, entitled "Teach the Controversy, Creation and Evolution".

According to the flier from CSSM,

In origins, teaching and learning both sides of the controversy is necessary. Doing so helps you to understand the issues better and allows you to hone your reasoning skills. In order to understand and appreciate your own view of origins, you must understand the other, competing view also. This is especially important for school-aged children. Often times students from a Christian school background will "panic" when they first encounter serious evolutionary ideas at the university. While presenting "teach the controversy," two other important topics will be discussed. The first concerns the role of Origin science and its unique characteristics compared to Operational science. The second relates to the role of worldviews in the study of origins.

Dr. Locklair will present a model for how to approach teaching both ideas (creation and evolution) of origins. He has used this approach for a number of years as he teaches Science 303 - Cosmogony at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Creation Science is a subject I am very interested in and believe to be true. It is a shame public education has pretty much shunned it and Intelligent Design completely, choosing instead to teach the theory of evolution exclusively. (More often than not, evolution is taught as fact instead of as a theory.) I am interested in Dr. Locklair's approach to teaching both.

Unfortunately, many children, young adults from Christian homes, and adult Christians lose their faith (or confidence in their faith) when they hear evolution taught as factual instead of as a theory. Because it is taught as fact, they start to doubt the Biblical accounts of creation.

Ken Ham [Answers in Genesis] reports that a Christian University professor had the following to say:

After 30 years of ministry on a secular campus I have concluded the number one reason Christians lose their faith is the teaching of evolution as an inarguable fact. The same professors invariably attack the reliability of the Bible - Number One Reason Christians Lose Their Faith at Around the World with AiG’s Ken Ham

Kitty Foth-Regner, a Waukesha County resident and author, who spoke at a CSSM meeting last year, "From feminist Atheism to Biblical truth" stated the teaching of evolution was the reason she embraced atheism in high school. She later became a Christian primarily because she started studying the evidence of Creation Science.

The Teach the Controversy lecture will take place at Concordia University at the Lakeshore Room. Concordia is not difficult to find. It is north of the Mequon Road and Port Washington Road intersection. Continue north on Port Road to Highland Rd. and head east on Highland. "Follow the campus road toward Lake Michigan to the Administration Building. Once inside, follow the corridor turning next right following windowed hall to the Lakeshore Room."

See you there?

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POST SCRIPT: Dr. John Whitcomb, author of several books on Creation Science, told the audience today at the Prophecy Conference that he was an atheist in his Princeton days 64 years ago. (Atheists do not believe in creation.) A fellow student shared the gospel with him, and he became a Christian and went on to become a proponent of Creation Science.

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