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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Dream the 'possible Dream @ Defending American Dream Summit

Last Saturday, I attended the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit. (Thanks for the invitation, John Block--AFP State Director.)

It was a great opportunity to hear a message all Americans need to hear. We are constantly bombarded with, "They are telling us the principles of Free Markets and Capitalism have failed,*" but the speakers at the AFP Defending the Dream summit encouraged us To Dream the ImPossible Dream!

It is possible to take back our country from the clutches of high taxes and socialism. But it will take effort.

I had a prior commitment Saturday morning, so unfortunately, I missed Joe the Plumber and a few others early in the lineup.

(Joe was popular. The line out in the hall to purchase books was l-o-n-g. all day!)

But I did hear most of the speakers and stayed until closing. I will try to post a few photos and comments from each speaker I heard later in the week.

For now, it is just a quick look at the day.

The room at the Midwest Airlines Center was PACKED! Literally, standing room only. When I finally managed to get into the room, they were playing a clip of every conservative's favorite, Ronald Reagan.

I estimated there were about 600 people in there. Later I was told there were about 700 attendees.

Not everyone at the Midwest Center were happy we were there, the SEIU, Service Employees International Union, protested outside at noon. (Maybe a rainy day wasn't all that bad?)

Back inside at the summit, there were many standing ovations for the various speakers and ideas espoused.

The RECALL of Governor Doyle received huge support. Orv Seymor from Citizens for Responsible Government got the crowd fired up with the idea that we can affect change.

We recalled Tom Ament, Seymor said, then he went on to encourage us that we could recall Jim Doyle too! This won't be easy. He said, We need your help!

Seymor told us we will need around 10,000 petition circulators and must collect 500,000 signatures in a very short time. The effort might be launched by mid April. Stay tuned for that one.

A recall is a huge undertaking, but even if unsuccessful, the effort will raise awareness of the failings of Doyle's governorship and create a base of support for his challenger.

The Defending the American Dream Summit was important in that it helps us channel the anger and disappointment in our government and the direction our state and nation is going in, and put that emotion into positive action.

Yes we can take back our nation!

*Quote came from Steven Lonegan, candidate for New Jersey Governor. He spoke in the last session and told his compelling story of how this is NOT TRUE--not even in New Jersey!

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