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Monday, June 15, 2009

Will Jim Sullivan recall effort affect his vote on $62.2 billion state budget?

We have all heard about the Jim Doyle recall effort, but there is another Recall Jim effort afoot: The Recall of State Senator Jim Sullivan! I am wondering if this attempt to recall Jim will have any affect on Sullivan voting for the $62.2 billion dollar budget that just went to the Senate?

My impression of Senator Sullivan at his recent Town Hall meeting was that it will not. He did not seem open to any of our opinions against the RTA, Voter ID amendment, Abortion, State budget deficit, etc. at that Town Hall meeting. But if he hears from enough of his constituents, who knows? A 1.2% margin of victory was hardly a mandate. The Republican Party has targeted him

Because his margin of victory was slim against conservative Republican Tom Reynolds back in 2006, 658 votes or 1.2%, I do wonder how Mr. Sullivan would fare in a recall?

Since being elected in 2006, Sullivan voted against the Voter ID amendment and supported the smoking ban. He also supports the RTA under certain conditions and he recently voted to approve 2 pro late-term abortion board members for the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority Board. Has he disappointed more than 1.2% of those independent and Democrat voters who voted for him with his positions?

More to the point is who would run against him? Then the question becomes would you rather have someone like Rep. Leah Vukmir or even Tom Reynolds back than allow Sullivan to finish his 4 year term? (I would be happy with any conservative.)

In any event, contact Sen. Sullivan if he is your Senator. You might remind Sen. Jim Sullivan that people will be watching his vote on this budget and that some people are looking at recalling a Jim... Jim Sullivan!

Wisconsin 5th District Senator Jim Sullivan (D): (608) 266-2512, (866) 817-6061, Email:

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