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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wow! 2 good decisions in one day: Elmbrook graduation & Sipemann home stays

This does not happen too often in my world: 2 decisions that I am happy with, both delivered on the same day!

The first is significant: Judge allows Elmbrook graduation ceremony in church. I am thankful that the judge ruled rightly in allowing the school district to conduct it's graduation in the church auditorium. I applaud U.S. District Judge Charles Clevert for applying the law instead of making it.. His decision pleasantly surprised me; Clevert is not a conservative but a Bill Clinton appointee.

Tuesday's second decision was what I call a step in the right direction: New plans will be designed to save farmnouse. Although not written in stone just yet, the Stonewood Village developer, Michael Schutte, "agreed to propose a new redevelopment plan that would preserve the building."

Seems there was some behind the scenes work done between the developer, Alderwoman Lisa Mellone and the Elmbrook Historical Society that brought about this change of direction.I think the idea of transforming the Siepmann house into a small cafe would be a good fit for the building and village complex. (Hope it is something unique like the Anaba Tea Room.)

The article mentioned that Mayor Speaker "said that aldermen may need to adopt variances to various city codes to allow the farmhouse to remain where it is in the center upgrade." Of course, I approve of that idea. It will be interesting to see what the new plans look like.

Now if we could just get the state taxing and spending under control and stop the rush toward socialism at the national level, I might think we entered an alternate universe!

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