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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beautiful day? Try lunch up on the roof garden

Recently, my high school girlfriends and I lunched at an interesting restaurant in Shorewood, the ANABA TEA ROOM.

It was a beautiful day and we opted to have lunch up on their roof garden.

The setting was delightful and the food good. This weekend promises to be glorious. If you are on the east side, give the tea room a try.

ANABA TEA ROOM is located at 2107 E. Capitol Drive in Shorewood (east of Oakland Ave, in the vicinity of St. Roberts Church and Atwater School.)

They serve salads, sandwiches, traditional tea sandwiches, sweet treats, and of course...tea! Their complete menu and prices are online.

With all the bad news about the economy, dining up on the roof just might lift your spirits!

You may also dine in the regular restaurant on the lower level.

There was an interesting garden/home shop on the main floor. Be sure to check that out as well.

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