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Monday, June 09, 2008

Brookfield's Road Closures Due to Flooding

I would say if you don't need to go anywhere today, stay put!

Aldermen Lisa Mellone and Renee' Lowerr sent out this list of closed roads today, Monday, June 9th.
  1. North Ave - Derrin Ln. to Barker Rd.
  2. Barker Rd. - River Rd. to Capitol Dr. Traffic Signals are out at Capitol/Barker
  3. Barker Rd. - North Ave. to Gebhardt Rd.
  4. Hackberry - East of Moorland Rd. Traffic Signals are out at Moorland/Hackberry
  5. River Rd. - Barker Rd. to Brookfield Rd.
  6. Springdale Rd. - Southbound at North Ave. (I'm thinking this should be southbound TO North Ave. This stretch is wetland from Capitol to North and often has standing water near the road after a few days of normal rain.)
  7. Burlawn Parkway - Cardinal to Old Lantern
  8. Barker Rd. - Larkspur to Industry
  9. Enterprise Rd - west from Gebhardt, many businesses closed
Pilgrim Park Middle School is closed today too. Bus routes to open schools are running late or not at all, due to flooded streets.

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