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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sen. Jim Sullivan Town Hall Meeting, May 7th, 5:30pm, East High School

I just got a robo call from some young lady telling me of a State Senator Jim Sullivan Town Hall meeting tomorrow at Brookfield East High School's library at 5:30 PM.

Can't say if I will attend on such short notice, but I thought at least I would pass it on to you.

If I did go, I might want to ask him why he voted to confirm Roger Axtell and Michael Weiden to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority Board last month.

If you have not been following this issue, the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clincs will be performing 2nd trimester abortions at the Madison Surgery Center. That means Wisconsin taxpayer money is going to go for aborting viable children. The children are so developed, they must first be dismembered in the womb.

From ProLifeWisconsin: (My emphasis is underlined)

Outside the Senate chamber just prior to the vote, Pro-Life Wisconsin and other pro-life organizations and advocates spoke at a press conference called by Senators Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) and Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin). Members of the pro-life medical community, including Dr. Bill Evans of Madison and Dr. Christine Zainer of Milwaukee, and parents of developmentally disabled children came forward to challenge the Senate to recognize the inherent dignity of all human persons.

Pro-Life Wisconsin applauds Senator Grothman and his Republican colleagues for voting for life. We are especially proud of Senator Vinehout for voting her convictions with courage, in stark contrast to her Democrat colleagues who apparently could not bring themselves to oppose even late-term abortions. Pro-Life Wisconsin is especially disappointed in Senator Jim Sullivan (D-Wauwatosa) who in defiance of his professed Catholic faith voted to confirm Axtell and Weiden.

Or how about asking why Jim Sullivan does not want a Voter ID law in Wisconsin? Remember that ploy? He stated he was in favor of voter ID, but not by amending the state constitution, but by legislation. So he voted against the measure to put it on the ballot allowing voters to decide (Legislation can be vetoed by the governor, amendments cannot.)

I still remember former Mayor Kate Bloomberg's endorsement of Democrat Jim Sullivan over Republican Tom Reynolds.

But the Brookfieldnow posting cited that in Bloomberg and Urban’s opinion, the Democrat they are endorsing is running to serve and represent the people of the 5th district effectively, “whether they are conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between”. Think about that. How is that even possible? On every major issue, I disagree STRONGLY with that candidate’s position.

How is it I would be satisfied with his representing me? How could a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, believer in lower taxes, (how could I forget pro voter photo ID, anti benefits to illegal aliens), fiscal conservative like me ever be represented by someone whose platform is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, opposed to voter photo ID, opposed to requiring welfare recipients to prove their legal US status, and pro-taxation? Any Republican espousing those liberal values would be an "embarrassment" to the Republican Party. But then, I asked myself, how well did Mayor Kate reflect my values? Not very well. So, why would I give any credence to her endorsement now?

So far, Sen. Jim Sullivan has NOT represented me at all. If you cannot make the town hall, you might wish to contact him directly.

(D) Senator Jim Sullivan (608) 266-2512, (866) 817-6061, email:

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