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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brookfield meetings and events: April 22 - June 6, 2009

This information came from my two Alderpersons: Lisa Mellone and Renee' Lowerr

On Wednesday, April 22nd, 4:30 – 7 pm at Swanson Elementary Gymnasium is a DOT Public Information Meeting (open house format) with updates to the 2011 Bluemound Road Project. Over 100 of you showed up to our neighborhood meeting back in November to voice your concerns and provide input on the DOT proposed plans to close medians and eliminate left turns on Bluemound Rd. east of Moorland to 124th Street. Your input mattered and was heard. In response and with our urging, the Mayor and City Engineer sent this letter to DOT expressing those concerns.

You will also find information on Calhoun Rd., Endicott Park improvements, City Survey results, Coyote information and more at

On Thursday, April 30th, please join your Alderpersons of District 7, Lisa Mellone and Renee Lowerr, at 1:30 pm or 7 pm at Gethsemane Lutheran Church on the corner of Elm Grove and Greenfield Roads for a District 7 Informational Meeting.

On May 2, 2009 from 9 am - Noon is the WEED OUT DAY at Mary Knoll Park. Volunteers are needed stop the spread of Garlic Mustard. Its Rain or Shine. Please call the Parks, Rec & Forestry Dept to register as a volunteer at 796-6675. Registration isn't necessary, but assists with planning. This event is actually quite fun – hope to see you there!

On June 6, 2009, 8 am - Noon is Hazardous Waste Day at City Garage located at 19700 Riverview Drive. Save your CFL- spiral compact fluorescent bulbs, lacquers, degreasers, and anti-freeze(used) for disposal on this day.

District 7 Alderpersons: Lisa Mellone 780-0805 and Renee Lowerr 853-9657

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