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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Tea Party report & photos: local, state, and national

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All over the nation yesterday, average people gathered to peacefully protest taxation without representation at the local, state, and federal level! By all accounts, it seems the Tea Parties were a great success.

Now the challenge is to keep the momentum going. People tend to have very short memories and if the economy improves by 2010, they are likely to be even shorter. A website, has been set up to keep the momentum going by encouraging running for office, learning about how government works and becoming active instead of passive.

I was at the Red Arrow Park location in Downtown Milwaukee. JSOnline has a video clip of both the Federal Building and Red Arrow Milwaukee groups and an article on the Madison and Milwaukee rallies. About 100 people attended the Red Arrow rally. I think it is important to note that these Tea Party protests are not just about President Obama. Taxpayers are fed up with out of control spending regardless of which party or segment of government is responsible: (Photo is of Journal reporter interviewing an attendee.)

"They're all guilty, not just one person or party," said Jim Schmitz of Milwaukee, a retired salesman.
"Instead of raising taxes, maybe we should be tightening our belts," he [O.J. Merrell] said.

Some in the crowd were critical of Obama, but others said government spending also was out of control during the previous administration. Many said the overall burden would boost inflation and burden their children with taxes for decades.

I watched the In Focus report on the Madison rally last night. Click here to watch the video. Congressman Paul Ryan was fired up! I think everyone there agreed with him that, "America is an exceptional nation...We want to keep it that way."

Julaine Appling, of Wisconsin Family Action, told Gov. Doyle to "Back off!" His and the Wisconsin legislature's tax policy makes it more difficult for Wisconsin families:

It is absolutely true that when Wisconsin’s families are strong, Wisconsin is strong. When our families are weak, Wisconsin is weak. So, back off –back off on your incredibly bad plans to increase taxes, fees and regulations that will make it harder for our families. Harder for our families to make a reasonable living

Superior's Mayor Doug Ross spoke briefly asking, How much of our money do you want, Doyle? All of it! He is a prime example of what AfterTheTeaParty hopes will be a result of the Tea Party day: greater citizen involvement in government. He ran for mayor of Superior as a result of a proposed tax increase some years ago. When he called city hall to complain, they told him more or less, if you don't like the tax increase, why don't you run for mayor. He did! I spoke to Doug Ross at the Americans for Prosperity American Dream summit in March. He is contemplating a run for Lt. Governor. We need more people like Doug Ross.

A young homeschooled lady, Melika Willoughby, spoke passionately about the need to stop the reckless spending and to stop spending her future. (She made this homeschool mom proud of the homeschool movement.)

Here is a bit of trivia about Madison's Tea Party: There were a few brave souls who WALKED 80 miles to Madison from Fond du Lac. The trip took them 4 days. Unlike President Obama's Inauguration, the Madison crowd left the Capitol in an orderly fashion. No heaps of garbage left behind.

Some media coverage assumed that these rallies were organized by the Republican party. Nope. They were truly grassroots, not fake grassroots as Nancy Pelosi accused. She claimed our efforts were "Astroturf", not grassroots, a campaign by "some of the wealthiest people in America." Look at the photos, do these people look like the wealthiest in Milwaukee? Couldn't be, I was there ;-)

For one, the signs were obviously homemade!

The people in attendance were a cross section of taxpayers--young, old, rich, average, fiscally challenged, professionals, retirees, grandmothers, housewives, etc.--Americans. Nary a Right Wing extremist terrorist in the group. (We'll have to save that Homeland Security accusation for another post.)

Catch the following photos and commentary from our state and nation.

My Milwaukee Red Arrow Park Tea Party photos

Milwaukee Red Arrow Park Tea Party photos

Heritage Foundation: Morning Bell: Big Government Backlash Brewing (Includes great links to other Tea Parites)

Massive: Tax Day Tea Party USA, photos from Tea Parties all around the country.

From Representative Rich Zipperer:

In order to turn back the tide of taxes threatening the prosperity of our state, however, we will need to convince some on the other side to vote against the Governor's plan, either during the Finance Committee process or in the full Assembly or Senate. Even in the legislative minority, we can make a difference in the legislative process, as can the folks who journeyed to Madison today and everyone back in Waukesha County unable to attend the rally. Pick up the phone or write an email. Call the Governor. Call the Democratic leadership. Call your family in other parts of the state and tell them to contact their representatives to make sure they too will stand against the tax increases.

Important Phone Numbers
Governor Doyle: 608 266-1212
Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan: 608 266-3387
Senate Leader Russ Decker: 608 266-2502
Find Your Representative and Senator Here
Members of the Joint Committee on Finance

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