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Monday, April 06, 2009

On Tuesday, April 7th, go vote!

This is a reprint of an email I sent out to many Elmbrook area residents. If you would like to be added to my list, just contact me at and give your name and the email address you wish the notices to go to.

Tuesday, April 7th, is election day in Wisconsin. Statewide races include Superintendent of Public Instruction and Justice of the Supreme Court. Both of these races are very important to Wisconsin residents, and there is a stark contrast between the two candidates running for each position. My support goes to Rose Fernandez and Judge Randy Koschnick.

Elmbrook School District residents will vote for 2 different school board positions Tuesday: At Large and Area 4. All residents vote for both seats regardless of what part of the city you live in. My votes will go to Meg Wartman and Jean Lambert.

Elm Grove residents will choose 3 Village Trustees out of 5 possible candidates.

I have covered these races on my blog Practically Speaking on (the online version of the former Brookfield News.) You can check there for updates. Brookfieldnow has articles about the local elections too.

Below are the titles and links to some postings I have done regarding each state and local race. Each posting contains links to more information, articles on the candidates, and some candidate websites. Please take the time to become an informed voter because elections matter!

I'm voting Rose Fernandez for State Superintendent on Tuesday: Rose Fernandez's slogan is "Higher Standards, Not Higher Taxes."

In Rose's own words, "I am a mom on a mission. The mission is that children must come first at DPI." and "I am an avid supporter of choices for parents." Her campaign website is called,

On her ISSUES page she addresses the UW system, MPS, QEO and Levy Limits as well as school choice, charter / virtual schools, and homeschooling. Her endorsements include Reps. Leah Vukmir and Assembly education leader Brett Davis.

Rose is being outspent by her opponent, but she is polling strong. She has a real chance to win this election.

For Wisconsin's Justice of the Supreme Court, I'm voting Judge Randy Koschnick on April 7th He states, “The role of a justice is to apply the law; not make it. I pledge to not legislate from the bench." As a staunch supporter of the Constitution, he emphasizes that judges should respect the Constitution and apply it as written.

You can keep up with Koschnick's campaign on his website, There is a convenient link to news stories there as well as video of his interviews and debate. His list of endorsements includes familiar names such as former Waukesha County D.A. Paul Bucher, our current D.A. Brad Schimel, and Sheriff Daniel Trawicki.

He is being heavily outspent by his opponent who has raised an unprecedented $1.3 million dollars! Some of her contributions came from attorneys with cases pending before her.

If everyone who turned out last year for Judge Michael Gableman votes for Judge Randy Koschnick, and if Rose Fernandez has a coat-tail affect, Judge Koschnick has a chance, albeit slim. The trouble is, most people are very unaware there is an opponent to the incumbent Justice.

My choices for Elmbrook School Board have not changed since the primary. I am still for Meg Wartman and Jean Lambert.

Elmbrook School Board Candidates weigh in on 4K
Here you can read each candidates position on 4K, in their own words.

Elmbrook School Board: Who I'm not voting for on Tuesday
(From the primary election but still contains info about all of the current candidates.)

Only Superman can be 2 places at once: School Board & Trustee meetings?
+ UPDATE Elmbrook and Elm Grove residents should be aware that one candidate is running for both offices even though the meeting times conflict. He does comment on the conflict in this posting.

Elections have consequences. Research the candidates for yourself. Spread the word about Tuesday's election.

Thank you,

Kyle Prast

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