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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rep. Jim Ott’s Hot Air Reports now online

Great news! Wisconsin State Representative Jim Ott has put all of his Hot Air Reports on the subject of global warming / climate change online. You may also subscribe to his weekly reports just by emailing him at and requesting that he send you the reports via email. (I did need to include my home address in the email.)

I am glad Jim Ott's Reports are now online, because I did not subscribe until about Report #4. Now I can catch up on the ones I missed.

So far, there have been 10 reports on the subject of global warming/climate change and how Wisconsinites will be affected by Governor Doyle's Global Warming Task Force and proposed legislation to reduce greenhouse gasses.

This week's report, What's Wrong With Nuclear Energy?, deals with the question, if CO2 is now considered a greenhouse gas--a pollutant--why aren't we looking to nuclear power to meet our energy needs?

Governor Doyle’s Global Warming Task Force set goals to reduce Wisconsin’s greenhouse gas emissions to 2005 levels by 2014, followed by a 22% reduction from those levels by 2022 and a 75% reduction by 2050. To meet these goals, the Task Force produced a 232 page document filled with an extensive list of expensive ideas, including piping our emitted carbon dioxide underground, adopting California car standards and joining a regional cap and trade program if a federal program is not enacted. ...

By not encouraging the expansion of nuclear energy, Governor Doyle Task Force is saying that an industry with an excellent safety record in the U.S. is more dangerous than increasing levels of carbon dioxide. If that is true, then the dangers of carbon dioxide must be highly exaggerated.

Good question. Calling CO2 a pollutant is ridiculous in my opinion. Carbon dioxide is a normal result of human and animal respiration and combustion, and it is a necessary compound for plant respiration and photosynthesis. Carbon is an element found in all living things. What is next? Naming Dihydrogen Monoxide as a toxin?

If the name Jim Ott is familiar to you, it is because he served as WTMJ's Meteorologist for many years in the Milwaukee viewing area before running for the 23rd State Assembly. His approach in his reports is very professional and logical, unlike some of the emotional appeals the doom and gloom global warming activists produce.

Next week's report will deal with "some revealing quotes about global warming."

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