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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Congress in recess; I'm taking a mini recess too

My computer is acting up a bit; I'm having great difficulty copying and pasting. That might not seem so bad to you but it makes blogging a rather frustrating experience for me. So I am thinking, if our Representatives are in recess, maybe I will take it a bit easy too for the remainder of August? (Hopefully I will get to the bottom of my copy/paste issue in the next week or so.)

I can probably manage a recipe or two or something else on the lighter side, just not much with links and quoted text for a while.

At least while our Senators and Representatives are in their home states they can't be voting for health care reform or Cap and Trade in the Senate. Somehow I feel more at ease knowing they can't be spending money we don't have or legislating more restrictions while they are taking a break.



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