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Friday, August 07, 2009

My day at the Wisconsin State Fair w/photos

The weather was perfect for opening day at the Wisconsin State Fair, not too warm or cool. It was also Hunger Task Force Day: People could get in for $2.00 until 6pm if they brought a food donation. Check the schedule for other special days. Maybe it was just because I had not been to the fair for a few years, but it seemed crowded to me.

Since this was a girl fun type day, our first stop after a quick walk through the Wisconsin Exposition Center was the Horticulture, Craft and Culinary Pavilion. This used to be just the flower building, but now they combine the crafts, sewing, food and plants in one location. It seemed to work well.

I always enjoy looking at all the entries, be they sewing, knitting, quilting, cake decorating, canning, or baking. My Home Ec. roots still run deep.

I make a special effort to find the entries from Linda Kuligowski, a former coworker from my working days at the Milwaukee Ballet costume shop. This year I think she entered 30 pieces!

We had easily spotted 3 in the first display case alone. The one pictured won a blue ribbon and the Judges Favorite award. At the 2nd grouping, I told my sister, this one looks like a Linda Kuligowski. From behind I heard someone say, "I'm Linda Kuligowski!" I turned around to see Linda, who I haven't seen in years. Then another woman started to talk to Linda. I knew her too, as did Linda; she worked on the wardrobe crew for the ballet. What are the odds of that?

Linda gave us a quick guided tour of the garments, pointing out both hers and others, giving us the behind the scenes scoop on the judging process, which is always very subjective.

I also spotted a pair of cute watermelon socks knit by Brookfield friend Cheri Mastel. (Cheri teaches knitting and cake decorating at Michael's craft store on Bluemound Road.)

We parted company with Linda and further examined the baking, canning, and flowers. That cabbage had to be 3 feet across.

By this time we were hungry and so we hit the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. We lunched on baked potatoes and tried something new: delicious lamb sandwiches from the Lagniappe Brasserie restaurant booth. (The actual restaurant is located at 17001 West Greenfield Avenue.) Then we ventured into a few barns to look at the animals.

We took a stroll through the DNR area, which is a quieter haven if you need a place to relax, and then went back to the Exposition Center, where they hawk mops, fry pans, hot tubs, you name it. There were quite a few fair goers carrying mops of various sorts. I can't imagine wanting to carry a mop througout the whole fair, but these people had to have them, I guess. Some of the salesmen are worth watching just for their showmanship.

The 3pm parade is not much to talk about but the Budweiser Clydesdales are worthy. Alas, no burro that I could see toured with the big guys this year. The dalmatian was atop of the wagon as always though.

Clydesdale judging began at 4pm. This event started with the adult stallions and moved on to the youths.

Some of the younger horses just would not behave and strut their stuff for the judges who wanted to assess their gait. Isn't that just like kids?

No rides for us but a woman next to us said they were $6.00 per ride or you could buy a wristband for $24.00 for unlimited riding.

All in all, we had a great time and didn't overdo the eating too much. This year we opted for Italian gelato instead of cream puffs. (I think it wasn't too far from the WE Energies area.)

We left at 6pm, the deadline for the special reduced entrance fee. Paying full price did not seem to daunt the masses awaiting entry. Someone we knew, who came after work that day, reported that it was very crowded. And all of that without a government stimulus bill!

Check the schedule for the special events of the day if you are going. We always liked to watch the horse pull. If you have never seen one, they are remarkable. The horses pull amazing loads on voice command only. They really seem to want to do it.


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