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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I almost can't believe it; the Siepmann House is saved!

After years of disappointing decisions regarding development in our city, I almost can't believe that the Common Council voted unanimously, 13-0* to allow the Siepmann Farmstead to stay last night. They did it with no discussion.

In so many past cases, the will of the people has been ignored. Capitol Heights comes to mind. That one was B.B., before I started blogging. Then there was TID 3. Many spoke out against that one at a plan commission meeting. It passed anyway. How about the heartbreak of widening Calhoun Road south? Maybe those examples are what make saving the Siepmann such a pleasant surprise.

The only hurdle remaining is an economic one. Will the developer 4S be able to make the changes he has proposed in this economy? I certainly hope so. As I stated before, the concept of a wedding center seems to be a good fit for the property.

A BIG thanks to the 13 Aldermen, Lisa Mellone in particular, the Elmbrook Historical Society, the blogs and articles on the historic farmhouse, Dan Ertl (I don't often get to thank him), the board of appeals, the plan commission, Chicago Title, for providing the title search free of charge to the Elmbrook Historical Society, and of course, 4S, the developer, for being open to the will of the people! (I probably forgot a few.)

I am grateful for the person who first put together that the demolition of the barn, noted in the first article, was really the farmhouse and for the Elmbrook Historical Society member who brought the issue to Cindy's and my attention.

You know, as a blogger, I often wonder if what I am posting will help or hinder an effort. In this case, I am delighted it turned out positively.

*Alderman Bob Reddin was not present. He was attending to a more important development, the birth of his new daughter!

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