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Friday, July 10, 2009

Ban smoking in military? Does that include Commander in Chief?

Today's government overreaching news item is: Pentagon May Try to Ban Smoking in Military.

Vicki McKenna talked about it today on her radio program. (She is a smoker and has tried to quit many times.) A pharmacist called in and talked about nicotine, that it in itself is not the dangerous part of tobacco. In fact, from what he said, nicotine seemed to act a lot like caffeine, my drug of choice. (Is a caffeine ban next?)

Now, I hate smoking. It is probably one of the most detrimental to health and wallet lawful habits a person could ever participate in, plus it stinks. But it is legal. Ironically, our governemnt seems to delight in taxing tobacco to help fill their coffers while banning its use in more and more situations.

That all aside, I couldn't help but think that before any tobacco ban is adopted by the military, it should FIRST be imposed on our Commander in Chief Barack Obama. ;-)

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