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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Only the religion of Global Warming, Humanism, Evolution is allowed on PBS

PBS just announced they will not allow any new religious programing on their airwaves. Reason? Separation of Church & Stations!

Actually, this ruling was a compromise. At first the PBS board recommended that stations currently running sectarian religious programs would have their PBS affiliation severed if they did not drop that programming.

"The Public Broadcasting Service's board is to vote next month on a committee's recommendation to strip the affiliation of any station that carries "sectarian" content. Losing its PBS relationship would mean that a station could no longer broadcast programs that the service distributes, from 'Sesame Street' to 'Frontline'."

The board decided instead to allow present programming to continue but will prohibit new programming. Result? PBS [will] Begin Phasing Out Religious Programming From Airwaves.

Sadly, there was no need to make this change. "Federal law does not bar showing the services on public television, but PBS worries that the broadcasts have the appearance of an official endorsement from the network."

"Allowing such programming to air 'would cause the public's trust in PBS to erode, along with the value of the brand,' argued its Stations Services Committee, according to a report in the Current."

This is a stretch, but since PBS receives taxpayer support, the director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State reasoned that "you have taxpayers directly or indirectly subsidizing evangelism."

Of course no one ever worries that taxpayers directly or indirectly subsidize or endorse the religion of Global Warming, Humanism, or Evolution based programs so prevalent on PBS. It is OK to promote anti-Christian programming at taxpayer expense but not pro-Judeo-Christian programming?

Programming about religious topics is still allowed, but often I have found the majority of these programs have an anti-Christian bias.

Jay Weber talked about the PBS ruling this morning on his radio show. He reasoned that since many of these shows are available on Cable TV, why continue taxpayer funding of PBS?

I used to enjoy watching PBS programming such as This Old House, The Woodwright's Shop, Victory Garden, American Experience, etc. We don't have Cable TV, but I am willing to give up those favorites to end taxpayer funding of programming I do not support. How about you?

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