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Monday, June 29, 2009

Eagle Scout Project Blood Drive: June 30th, 2:30 - 7pm

This Tuesday, on June 30th, a young man in my neighborhood is organizing a Blood Drive as part of his Eagle Scout project for the Boy Scouts. It is being held from 2:30 to 7pm, at Elmbrook Church. (777 South Barker Road, Brookfield, 262-786-7051)

Giving blood is certainly a worthy cause and according to the flier he distributed in my area, "donating 1 pint can save 3 lives!"

You might feel that you have already donated if you have been in some mosquito infested areas of the city, but unlike that type of donating, this opportunity offers a sweet return: Blood donors will receive a coupon from the Culvers on Hwy 100 for a free custard cone!

During the summer, blood donations are often down. So rather than just giving to the mosquitoes, why not give at the blood drive and help save 3 lives?

To fulfill the Eagle Scout requirements, a good turnout is needed. In addition, a certain percentage of donors need to be first time donors. So if you have never given blood before, maybe knowing you will be helping your fellow man and a Boy Scout make Eagle Scout would serve as added incentives?

Child care is available for blood donors and I am told "there will be plenty free food" available too.

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