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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have you seen "Where's George"?

Where's George? George who?

Why, George Washington! George Washington on the face of the U.S. dollar.

I received one of these specially stamped dollars in change at Yellowstone National Park this summer on August 22nd. Having never seen or heard of Where's George before, I said to my son, What is this? He knew. (How is it they always know?)

He explained that you can go to the Where's George? website and enter the serial number and find out where the dollar has all been.

I did that with mine and found this: "Stamped on 8/20/09 in Eagle, Idaho. My oldest son and I spent it on 8/21/09 to get gas at a Chevron Station in Twin Falls, Idaho, while on a weekend road trip to Utah Olymipc Park in Park City, Utah!"

That meant it traveled from Park City, Utah to Yellowstone in just one day. I wrote how, when, and where I got my George when I registered mine. The website will notify me of the bill's travels via email. Tracking it's travels seems a fun thing to do.

Other denominations can be tracked as well, on up to Ben on the $100 bill. Where's George used to sell rubber stamps to neatly mark the bills. They must have stopped doing that, so people are just marking them themselves. (I wouldn't mark any, but I will keep track of the one I found. If you look at the frequently asked questions, it basically explains this isn't considered defacement as long as it is done neatly and doesn't render the bill unusable.)

So, where do you think George will show up next?

Post Script: George and I parted company at Disney World. Will someone else log in to see where it came from? I guess I just wait and see.

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