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Friday, September 11, 2009

It takes another Regular Joe to expose the real Obama plan

Back in October, during the 2008 Presidential campaign, Joe the Plumber asked the president a simple question that exposed Obama's plans to "spread the wealth around." That simple question acted like a firebrand and ignited awareness of what Obama's spread the wealth philosophy really was. If it were not for Joe the Plumber, Obama's true beliefs of spreading the wealth would never have come to light in the way it did.

Last Wednesday night, another Joe, Congressman Joe Wilson, couldn't take it any more and blurted out, "You lie." to the president, during his Joint Session of Congress address, in response to the presidents assertion that illegals would not be covered under his plan. I wonder how many Americans listening to the speech said or thought the same? I know I did.

The media is focusing on the impropriety of the remark, but this wasn't unprecedented. Senator Harry Reid called President Bush a liar and President Bush was booed during his 2005 State of the Union address and the Obama Inaugural pre-introductions.

What Joe Wilson's comment did though was bring to light who Obmacare will and won't cover and the fact that Democrats do not want specificity on legal resident status. Obama still wants to spread the wealth to illegals. (Joe knew that at the committee level the amendments that required verification for residency were defeated.)

"House Minority Leader John Boehner said Thursday that, according to a Congressional Research Service report, illegal immigrants would indeed be covered, defending Wilson's assertion even though he called the manner in which he delivered it 'inappropriate' "

Conservatives and many Americans seem to be embracing this second Regular Joe just as they did Joe the Plumber. Why? Because they both resonate with our core beliefs: that what we have worked so hard for shouldn't be spread around to those who do not work or who are not here legally without our consent.

Congressman Wilson has apologized, but some Republicans and many Democrats in Congress still are acting outraged over Joe's outburst. I have to ask, where is the outrage that Obamacare wouldn't prohibit coverage for those here illegally?

Think Joe's famous quote had no affect?

Friday, The White House "vowed that illegal immigrants won't get health care under President Obama;s new plan..." that illegals would be banned from receiving taxpayer funded health care. Of course the bill's language has not changed yet as far as I know.

But then there is that sticky little detail that when California passed "Proposition 187, a 1994 ballot initiative, [which] sought to deny social, educational and health services to immigrants who were in California illegally. It was ultimately overturned," "...the measure was declared unconstitutional in federal court..." No doubt, President Obama knows this. He can vow whatever he likes knowing that the court will strike it down.

If our present health care system stays as it is, at least more taxpayer funded health insurance plans will not go to illegals. Illegals can buy private insurance plans, but at least they are paying for them!

By the way, ObamaCare could cover abortions too. Only the Hyde Amendment would prevent Government health care reform from paying for abortions with taxpayer dollars. But the Hyde Amendment is not permanent; it must be approved each year, and "nothing requires Congress to pass it". If it would fail to pass, taxpayer funded abortion then becomes the default setting, so to speak.

From AUL:" order to prevent federal funding of abortion, health care reform must expressly exclude mandates of any kind for abortion, must not alter prohibitions on federal funding of abortion contained in the Hyde amendment or other provisions of law, and must explicitly ensure that federal funds do not pay for abortion or for plans that cover abortion."

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