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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pond full of fun

Whenever I drive by Kinsey Park pond at the end of my street, my heart is warmed when I see kids playing at the water's edge. Whether they are fishing or frogging or just fooling around, the pond is a source of good old clean fun for neighborhood youngsters. (OK, good old muddy fun.)

Maybe it is just because they remind me of my childhood days of catching frogs and collecting snails that I always have to smile when I see them there.

From what I have observed, the toddlers and younger kids might play on the playstructure, but the pond reigns supreme with the older set. Lest you think pond play is just for little boys, I see plenty of older boys and girls with their buckets and nets too. In fact, I think the pre-teen and early teen girls just might be the frog catching champs of Kinsey Park.

It is nice to know that the simple joys of catching a frog can still compete with computer games, the internet, and nonstop DVDs. I hope our neighborhood pond will continue to delight each generation to come.

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