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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another day, another call: With ObamaCare, Repulicans should be Party of kNOw

We've been hearing about President Obama's desire to have Republicans take part in his February 25th televised bi-partisan summit to resurrect ObamaCare. The President says he wants the Republicans to come so he can listen to their ideas on health care. Really?

He and the Democrats in Congress haven't listened so far, why should they do it now? According to Rasmussen, 61% say Congress should start all over again on health care. Only 28% think we should work with the present ObamaCare bill. Why should we try to revive ObamaCare?

Yet the pressure for Republicans to come and make nice-nice is huge. Many of them fear being dubbed "The Party of NO" But it's OK to be the Party of NO when it's because you kNOw ObamaCare will be a disaster for the American people and economy. I don't want my representatives to compromise with tyranny.

Plus, if someone invites you so he can listen, and they already have their bill in hand, are they really wanting to listen? I think the invitation is more of a Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly invite.

From what I can glean, House Minority Leader John Boehner was firmly against any kind of meeting to compromise on the Democrat's ObamaCare bill. No matter how they try to wrap up that bill, be it adding the pretty paper of tort reform or a bow of shopping across state lines, the package still amounts to the government taking over our health care!

If you want Republicans to stand firm against attending the televised ObamaCare summit, you better let them know. Yes, that means calling.

Come on, it's not that bad. It only takes a minute to dial and say something like, I would like to encourage/ask Representative or Senator ------- to NOT attend the President's Health Care Summit on Feb. 25th and stand firmly against the present bill in any shape or form. Please start over from scratch.

Contact numbers: The House seems pretty firm on not attending but encourage them anyway:
Congressman John Boehner (202) 225-6205
Congressman Eric Cantor
Congressman Mike Pence
(202) 225-3021

The Senate leadership doesn't seem as resolute on not attending or starting over from scratch. They need to hear from you.

Senator Mitch McConnell
Minority Leader (202) 224-2541
Senator Jon Kyl
Minority Whip (202) 224-4521

The President wants the public to see that Republicans are there with him on ObamaCare reform. Let's face it, many Americans do not bother to follow the issues. If they see everyone playing nice/nice on TV in this photo-op, they might think Republicans approve of the government's takeover of our health care system.

True healthcare reform is too big an issue to tackle in one bill. In my opinion, it should be worked on issue by issue, not passed in some 2,000 page monster. For example: Start with just tort reform. Then allow shopping across state lines for health insurance. Make reducing Medicare fraud and waste a separate measure. These changes have all been suggested by Republicans.

The only reason we haven't passed ObamaCare thus far has been the opposition from the American people bothering to put the pressure on by attending rallies and making calls. So, make that call. What do you have to lose?

Sign the petition to Stand Firm

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