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Friday, February 10, 2006

Mayoral Candidate invited 3 times to join in, but declines to answer questions with Kilkenny

I see the MJS_ARTICLE has posted. It is unfortunate that the focus of our forum was turned from Kilkenny, the candidate who was willing to speak with the public (who came out on a cold winter evening to hear what she had to say) to the scene-stealing Schellinger who declined 3 times to join in on the question and answer session, yet wanted the floor to explain why he declined our invitation. The article also said that Schellinger wanted to ask me if I would put his platform on my website. I think he did not need to come to the church to do that; he could have used the telephone or email.

As for the statement in that same article, "Some City Hall observers questioned whether the Kinsey Park forum was objective, given Prast's support of Kilkenny." I would like to interject that the only involvement I had with the forum was to invite the 3 candidates, find a place to meet, and choose a moderator whom I greatly respect and admire. All questions were submitted by area residents and organized by the moderator and all introductions and closing remarks were made by her as well. There was even an offer to change moderators if the other two candidates had a problem with Mary Wacker. Hardly what I would call subjective.


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