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Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Do List: Email Aldermen & Mayor re: Brookfield train station, Walker rally in 3rd Ward

Monday's To-Do List:

1. Email my aldermen stating my opposition to the Obama/Doyle "high" speed train station in Brookfield. Since both* Republican candidates for Governor are against the train, why move forward on this in Brookfield?

It is also important to email Mayor Ponto at

From Brookfield City News: "Tax-subsidized train expansion is not popular in our conservative community. Mayor Ponto has been incredibly quiet about the whole thing." As the posting indicated, the mayor has the power to lead and influence. I would like to see him take a strong stand against the train station.

You may also go to Scott Walker's to register your opposition to the "boondoggle" train.

And speaking of Scott Walker....

2. Attend Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Walker rally today downtown, in the 3rd Ward area: Summerfest Parking Lot P, across from Riptide Seafood at 649 East Erie Street, at 2:30 - 3:15 PM. and

*Both Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are against the "high" speed train boondoggle.

Past post: STOP the Obama & Doyle waste-of-money train

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