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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Judge David Prosser & Jeff Stone need your support Tuesday, Feb. 15

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Tuesday, February 15th, is Primary Election Day in Wisconsin, with one very important statewide Wisconsin Supreme Court race on the ballot. This is not an election we can afford to ignore, because there is only one conservative running, incumbent Judge David Prosser . The other 3 candidates are very liberal. The top two candidates will go on to the April election.

At present, our Wisconsin Supreme Court leans conservative with a 4/3 split, Prosser being one of the 4 conservatives on the bench. Each justice serves a 10 year term.

Judge David Prosser has been described as a "no-nonsense bipartisan who has strong conservative values and is devoted to the Constitution and the rule of law. He is a fair-minded and honest justice...a man of integrity who has participated in more than 900 published Supreme Court decisions. He comes with a great deal of judicial experience."

In fact, he is the only candidate with judicial experience. He is also the only pro-life candidate.

Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki, Waukesha DA Brad Schimel, and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark (among others in law enforcement) endorse Judge Prosser.

Conservatives, you finally won back the governorship, the Assembly and the State Senate. It would be a shame to win those 2 branches of state government and then lose out because of a liberal court contesting all of their reforms and ruling many as "unconstitutional". (Remember the Tommy Thompson era?) As one supporter wrote, "Remember, liberals view constitutions as "living" documents...subject to their whims about what they 'feel' is right. Conservatives interpret constitutions on the basis of what the document actually says."

So get out there and vote on Tuesday, February 15th.

For Brookfield residents, Supreme Court Justice is the only race on our ballot. Miwaukee County residents not only select the Supreme Court Justice but also the Milwaukee County Executive. Out of all the candidates running, Jeff Stone is the only conservative. The others are liberals.

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