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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tommy Thompson for US Senate? Thanks, but NO thanks

Well, it seems our former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson is making moves on running for Herb Kohl's vacant U.S. Senate seat in 2012*. All I can say is, Thanks, Tommy, but no thank you.

My mind has not changed on Thompson since January and April of 2010, when I wrote, "Former Gov. Tommy Thompson has been rumored to be our winning candidate for months, however, I don't consider him my ideal or even acceptable candidate. Could we have counted on Tommy, the creator of Wisconsin's BadgerCare health insurance plan, to vote against its BIG Federal brother, ObamaCare? Could we count on him to vote to REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare?

"Thompson could win we are told, he polls at 45% to Feingold's 33% but he is NOT the conservative candidate I would embrace. "

Then I noticed in the JSOnline article that he chose Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen as his campaign co-chair. Now that choice will really impress Wisconsin conservatives. (Read that with a sarcastic tone.)

So who would I like to see run?

Former State Senator Ted Kanavas is looking good to me. He has been subbing on WISN radio for Mark Belling and Jay Weber, which can only help him broaden his name recognition in Wisconsin. It also shores up his conservative stance on the issues, not to mention gives him great opportunities for improving his extemporaneous speaking skills.

State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald also looks good to me.

Some say Mark Neumann, but pro-green side aside, after his campaign against Scott Walker, I would rather he not run.

Just being a Republican is not enough. Wisconsin Republicans, as well as many in the nation, have moved more to the right since the Gov. Tommy Thompson days.

It would be great to send a real Conservative to Washington, one who would truly complement U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

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*H/T Jay Weber show this morning

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