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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Understanding Romney momentum

Update: As of Sunday, Nov. 4, Pennsylvania is too close to call

Why did Romney pull ahead so suddenly and continue to gain momentum? Because the American public finally saw him for themselves at that 1st debate, without the filter of the Praetorian Press*. (His performance in the 2nd and 3rd debates affirmed the 1st wasn't a fluke.)

But Mitt really answered the question for himself at the Al Smith dinner. He quipped, "Of course rules of fairness have to be enforced...because what other safeguard do we have besides the press? I'd never suggest the press is biased, I recognize they have their job to do, and I have my job to do. My job is to lay out a positive vision for the future of the country, and their job is to make sure no one else finds out about it."(My emphasis)

Thankfully, voters are at last hearing what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have to say. Though far from a done deal, reports are coming in about growing positive poll numbers in swing states, and huge crowds Romney and Ryan are attracting at their campaign stops, such as the one in Ohio, where Romney spoke to 30,000!  These gigantic crowds for Romney / Ryan are contrasted by embarrassingly small crowds for Obama, Biden, and  Tammy Baldwin. (See all the links below. They're really quite remarkable.)

Another interesting development: Voters in Ohio lined the streets with posters stating: "We won't stand down ...Benghazi" and "What are you hiding?" While Obama may be able to avoid the questions, and the Praetorian Press may be able to keep the President's involvement in ignoring the Ambassador's requests for help from the mainstream media, Fox News and other internet sources have been covering Benghazi. Voters are paying attention. 

Campaign rally reports and new poll results are coming in at such a fast rate, I can't keep up. Drudge is a great source, so is the Daily Caller, and Breitbart for up to the minute developments, so check in often.

Regardless of what you hear, don't get complacent and stay home. Wisconsin is said to be a tight race.  Every Republican vote is needed across the nation, to maintain our House majorities and to gain a majority in our State and U.S. Senates. A large Republican margin would also avoid a recount and affirm a mandate for conservationism.

Romney and Ryan:
Path to victory cuts through Ohio "Romney spoke to a crowd of 30,000, according to West Chester Fire Chief Tony Goller – making it the largest rally of the campaign"
Thousands overflow Romney Speech in Wisconsin Some friends of mine were part of the 10,000 who turned out to see Romney. (Alas, I was downtown, observing the last day of in person absentee voting)
Last week's NPR poll: Romney at 48% to Obama's 47%, an 8 point swing from its last poll.   "The poll found that among likely voters, 34 percent said Romney's debate performances made them more likely to vote for [Romney] the challenger" (my emphasis)
Barone: Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily

Obama, Biden, and Baldwin:  
...Obama Draws 2,800 in Ohio  which was explained away as being a less populated area, however, it was 3x larger than Butler County, where Romney drew 30,000

Biden [and Baldwin] draw small crowds in Wisconsin and Iowa: Biden and Tammy Baldwin, running for US Senate, drew 1,000 in Beloit, WI on Friday. Biden drew 475 in Fort Dodge, Iowa on Thursday.
Ohio to Obama: 'What Are You Hiding?' [regarding Benghazi]
Obama's Cleveland Rally Attendance 20x lower than 2008
Catholics for Obama Denver event draws 45 people

If you haven't seen Mitt Romney at the Al Smith dinner, do watch. He really was quite funny and his gracious conclusion, describing the good work the foundation does, shows what a class act he is.

*Mark Levin coined the term, Praetorian press. It refers to the special military guard Rome set in place to guard their emperor. In America, it refers to the mainstream media that protects the President by rarely reporting anything negative about Obama. 


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