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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Obama on Sequester for Low Information Voters and other updates

Saturday Night Live aired a very clever parody last week, featuring President Obama (Jay Pharoah) holding a press conference to explain the consequences of sequester.  True to form, Obama brings in individuals negatively affected by the crisis-of-the-moment to illustrate his point.

If you could use a good laugh, watch. My favorite budget cut solution was offered by the air traffic controller.

As for President Obama's take on the dire consequences of cutting $45 billion from future growth this year, maybe he could fund the essential services by cutting back on his perpetual campaign mode travels, which burn $180,000 / hour for Air Force One services and numerous multimillion dollar vacation schedule? Another option would be to "fire Obama's $100,000 a year dog trainer"? After all, the Presidential pooch is no longer a puppy.

Obama could also search the couch cushions in his Oval Office, as Secretary of State John Kerry must have done to give Egypt $250 million (a quarter of a billion dollars) just 2 days after sequester took effect! Pretty good searching for a country that is flat broke.

We have plenty of money. The government's own CBO just revealed Federal Revenue to Set Record in 2013, "In fact, the $2.7 trillion in revenue will be the most money the federal government has collected in history."  Keep this in mind when the President insists we still need to increase tax revenue as a solution to our deficit.  (Been there, done that, in January.)

Clearly, we don't have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem.

UPDATES: Another example of unnecessary spending, considering our financial flat-broke status: TSA Sealed $50-Million Sequester-Eve Deal to Buy New Uniforms.

And this would be an example of cutting the music program so to speak: More sequester pain: White House cancels tours. Guess they had to do this since the Washington Monument already was closed for repairs.

As for our we are so broke we will have to furlough TSA agents, etc., how is it we have the money to post 400 Help Wanted ads for new government workers right after sequester, to do important work such as grow insects for the Agriculture Department or recreation aids for the Forest Service? Maybe they found some new couch cushions to search or started looking through the Presidents pants pockets for loose change?

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